Why bath salt?

Why bath salt?

Even the ancient Romans enjoyed the benefits of salt in their baths, because they knew that it will help them to relax and clean the skin. Nowadays, there is no doubt in benefits of bath salts. There is plenty of different bath salts. The most popular are the salt of the sea and ocean, it complements the skin in many useful trace elements. Sea salt contains a lot of chloride ions and soda, as well as a lot of inorganic trace minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, and bromide ions), which softens the skin.

Salt helps to improve the metabolism and blood flow, as well as tightens the skin. It was also confirmed that the salt bath strengthens the immunity, normalizes hormonal activity and increases the sensitivity of the UV epidermis, that is why being near the sea gets you tan quickly.

Salt bath removes fatigue, helps to overcome depression, treats diseases of joints, hipertonia and the spine, heart and vascular system disorders. Salt baths help to lose weight.

Sea salt pellets are quite big and rough, so you are not only to clean your skin, but also to get an effective anti-cellulite massage. Salt water tightens the skin of the belly and chest, so the bath with sea salt is advisable for women after giving birth. To get rid of the heavy leg syndrome helps contrast baths with sea salt.

There is no ending in making the list of benefits of sea salt. Out of our suggested bath salts and body scrubs, which are based on the salt of the Black Sea, you can definitely choose the one which is the right product for you and enjoy it.

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